About Hillary

12592411_10205358498029826_1430184995092973540_n.jpgWho: I’m  Hillary Leslie, a 25-year with the heart of a nerd and the soul of a hippie. I scribble down musings, memories and advice inspired by travels, conversations, and experiences, hoping to communicate a further understanding of the world.

What: I sing on stage, but mostly in the shower, bring books to the pub, often bake cookies, prefer walking as my mode of transportation and wish I could own a treehouse in the Redwood Forest.

(Back) When: After growing up in the rural Amish town of New Wilmington, PA, I attended Westminster College from 2010-14, spent two semesters at the University of Stirling in Scotland, and graduated with a BA in English Literature. For the past two years I served as a YAV in Belfast, Northern Ireland and New Orleans, LA (best years ever – please do ask for more info.)

Where (To): Hungry for more justice and social awareness, relationship-building and cross-cultural learning in a faith-based context, I applied for a youth worker position in the Church of Scotland, where I’ll be based for the next few years in the country’s capital, Edinburgh.

How: 1 Corinthians 13:13


Why: The title of my blog is inspired by one of my favorite Nickel Creek songs that uses Robert Burns’ poem Sweet Afton. Brae is a Scottish word for hill; Hill is my most popular nickname. Thus the play on words as I commonly live among hills and green vistas whether in Pennsylvania, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or the Bayou of Louisiana. It’s also a bonus that green is one of my favourite colours.

A friend of mine once told me that the Gaelic phrase ‘Bíonn siúlach scéalach,’ which means ‘Those who travel have stories to tell,’ reminds him of me and therefore, the tagline was created. I also took a class and learned how to order coffee in Gaelic so I’m pretty much a pro at being Irish now.

Thank you for reading and journeying with me, y’all!




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